We received this from the Redlands Bowl. Thanks to everyone who came out.



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October 16, 2013 @10:56 pm / Sharon Pettit CurtisSharon, pay attention. Count the words you've wrteitn claiming my ideas are wrong. Now count the actual arguments you've presented in response to my arguments. Are you starting to get the picture? It's time for you to either back up your words or admit you can't and that you've got nothing to offer but unsubstantiated fluff. Do you actually understand the arguments of your intellectual heroes? Then it will be a small matter to distill their arguments into your own words. But that really should not be necessary since you have the spirit of god giving you superior understanding of truth. You'll tear apart my position, no doubt, with the logical power of the god that dwells within you. You've nothing to fear. If you don't debate me, count all the words you've wrteitn without a single response to any one of my many arguments against god. Zilch. Pathetic. But, hey, perhaps if you keep on with the red herring affirmations that I'm hurt and angry, your audience may forget that I have actual arguments awaiting your response So to recap, you have hitherto offered nothing but fluff. I'm giving you the opportunity to demonstrate that you actually understand the arguments of your intellectual heroes and/or demonstrate that the spirit of your god actually plays an active role in your intellectual life. Quit now, and you'll have merely shown the extent to which you don't have the foggiest understanding of how to construct a logical argument in defense of your rather arrogant claims. But don't feel bad. It's mighty hard to do when you're on the wrong side of truth.I spent years defending the god of the bible, and I did not leave christianity lightly. For several years I begged for the god that was real to make himself known to me as I actively honed my critical thinking skills. Now this arrogant fool Sharon, not knowing a thing about me, nor having the honesty to ask questions about my journey, is calling my emergence from christianity a "hurt and angry" response to something? She not only lack any god of reason in her intellectual life, she also lacks the moral integrity to ask questions about someone before telling them their motivations. She's quite the billboard for the christian arrogance that is driving millions of young people away from the bankrupt ideology of christianity. The biblical god is an impotent concept that offers its sycophants no detectable intellectual or moral superiority as demonstrated quite perfectly by Sharon and her ilk. Sharon is a fool. For those of you more rational who would like to ask questions before passing judgment, you have my full attention and civility. Janaina
July 18, 2013 @08:30 pm having a sister that is six years OLDER than me I know how it feels. I love this comic, it's so true! Being the ynuoger sister I guess I never knew how the older sister feels. I can tell sometimes she's annoyed because I always want to spend time with her. But when she's not busy chatting away on facebook we hang out. I also have my older brother who is 3 years older than me. He's the guys who I can turn to if I want to make a campfire, or try to fry eggs on the sidewalk (using aluminum foil of course) Well, I'm getting off topic here. I just wanted to say my siblings are my best friends Deepti

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