We've a couple of concerts coming up in August. 

Fri Aug 16th - We will be headlining the FREE Summer Oceanside Concert in the Park Series, hosted by Freinds of Oceanside and the City of Oceanside on Friday August 16th at Rancho Del Oro Park, 4701 Mesa Drive, Oceanside, CA 92056. THere will be a pre show at 5pm then we will be performing 2 sets, starting at 6pm. PLease arrive early for the best parking and bring a throw blanket and deck chairs. 

Sat 24th / Sun 25th Aug - We will nbe headling the California Celtic Classic at Sea Terrace Community Park in Dana Point, CA 92629. Ticket prices and times to be announced



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August 14, 2013 @10:30 am Well, since my comment goes straight to the page, i will include some more promo here. Saturday, noon to 8pm Aug. 24th&25th; Dana Point Celtic Classic & World Highland Games The California Celtic Classic World Championship Highland Games & Celtic Festival will feature 12 of the World’s Best Highland Games Athletes descending on Dana point from 6 different countries to compete for the Title of World Champion. There will also be many of the Highland Games top US and International amateur stars. Along with the amazing sporting events, there will also be the traditional Clan Gathering and many other traditional festivities that will go on all day throughout the event. Enjoy live music by Highland Way, Kris Colt & the Black Rose Band, The Ploughboys and More.. There will be Haggis Eating contest, Bag piping, Harps, Celtic Dancing performances along with Reenactment groups, Archery, a Children’s Glen, tasty Scottish foods from days gone by, Whiskey Tasting tents, International Beer Pavilion, Celtic Marketplace, Queen Mary of Scots and more. Tickets to this event will be only $10 in advance online, $15 at the door. Break out your kilts… This is one of those events you just can’t miss. Visit their website: www.calcelticclassic.com to get yourself pumped. Bring your family and friends for a weekend full of great fun and unique experiences. Saturday, 10 to 6pm, Sunday 10 - 6pm Peter Melton
August 14, 2013 @10:25 am Hi gang, i am helping to promote the Cal Celtic Classic, we would love it if you could add some promo info to your site/ calendar here... at least the web link, www.CalCelticClassic.com 10 - 6 Saturday and Sunday. peter melton

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