I will be bringing in the New Year tomorrow afternoon at 4pm, (Midnight Scottish time). Please come and join me for the Hogmanay party. I'll be starting around 3pm. If you've been to this party the last couple of years you'll know how much fun it is.!


Date:               Sat Dec 31st

Time:               3pm

Admission:       The food is fantastic, get there early and order a pie or something else from their great menu. Then have a few beers, (excellent selection) and enjoy the show.

Location:         Phileas Fogg's, Sabre Springs Plaza, 11385 Poway Road, #100

Phone:             (858) 486-4442

Web site          http://www.phileasfoggs.net


Look forward to seeing you there.




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October 15, 2013 @08:28 am Pentema e8 veramente spaotactlere, come posizione su un colle dell'Appennino, come disposizione urbanistica con le case in pendenza, vicine a reggersi una con l'altra in uno scenario da fiaba di altri tempi. Il presepe e8 altrettanto spaotactlere per la cura dei personaggi, interpreti di mestieri di altri tempi e la dislocazione nel borgo. Complimenti vivissimi a chi l'ha ideato e soprattutto a chi lo ha realizzato. Non conoscevo ne8 Pentema, ne8 Torriglia, sono contento che il TG3 me l'abbia fatti conoscere e di averli visitati. La strada non e8 poi cosec tremenda, e8 una strada di montagna, dove bisogna solo guidare con prudenza. Non dimentichiamo la locanda del Pettirosso, accogliente e con una cucina ottima. Shellone
July 22, 2013 @03:53 am I think i must have seen the same nativity video Lydia saw. i think I like this one even more! Hope you are obsvierng the birthday with good memories. My father's birthday is coming up in August. He, too, would have loved the technology. My mother is 91 and has never been interested in owning or using a computer. She does, however, love to look at photos on family blogs and have me read her the posts. And she is a big fan of Skype! Momo
July 22, 2013 @01:29 am Great! I saw one that was circulated aronud the holidays about the nativity that used this same theme. Looks like might be done by the same video artist. I love it.Your thoughts about your father are dear. I have thought many times in the decade since my mother's death how much she would have loved all this technology, too. She was able to enjoy the beginnings of it, as we got her a web tv (they aren't made any more) that allowed her to use her tv screen as a monitor. It was a big thrill for her. Yes, may our loved ones rest in peace. Lyam

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