I will be bringing in the New Year today at 4pm, (Midnight Scottish time), at Phileas Foggs in Poway. Please come and join me for the Hogmanay party, I'll be starting around 2pm. If you've been to this party the last couple of years you know how much fun it is! Free champagne toast at 4pm. Get there early.


Date:               Mon Dec 31st

Time:               2pm

Admission:       The food is fantastic, (voted best restaurant in San Diego 4 years straight), get there early and order a pie or something else from their great menu. Then have a lot of beer, (excellent selection) and enjoy the show!

Location:         Phileas Fogg's, Sabre Springs Plaza, 11385 Poway Road, #100

Phone:             (858) 486-4442

Web site          http://www.phileasfoggs.net


Look forward to seeing you there.




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October 15, 2013 @03:07 am I have never been to Scotland before, but have alawys wanted to go!I just think it would be fascinating to see the local area and surrounding countryside, love exploring new places. Also as I am a bit of foodie person cant wait to try new tastes that Nairn has to offer.My partner used to live in Scotland for a couple of years, a few years ago now though. So when he tells us stories of being on his motorbike in the beautiful hillside and the happy times he has had there it makes you want to be there.So it would great to be able to Enjoy Scotland together this time. Yandel

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