Gonna be a crazy weekend  of classic Irish music, fun, food and drinking. Not necessarily in that order.

Grace O' Malley's Irish Pub, 2331 Sudderth Dr. Ruidoso, NM. 88355

We'll be there for 4 nights straight. Starting on the 15th March. This will be the biggest and best best St. Patrick's Day party in New Mexico!



October 15, 2013 @04:55 am That looks like fun! I love hearing the bigpapes. There is a huge Highland Games Festival in Fredericton every summer and I haven't been to one! Pretty sad don't you think? One of these years I will make the effort. Have a great week Judith. Estelle
July 22, 2013 @04:46 am This looks like such a fun event, Judith! So many people can claim Scottish artnscey that these games hold much appeal. I attended one Highland Games in the Outer Hebrides and it was a bit quaint but also so enjoyable. Hope you're having a lovely weekend. g Ibah
July 19, 2013 @10:26 pm CSI#2 From great heights Pasadena Adjacent alrets us to the disappearance of Palm Axis. Some suspect Indians. With only six responses (return commentors not counted) few seem interested,. PA suffers from Ivy envy, another crumb? She begins to see sweet Petrea as the root of her unpopularity. Little “Goody Two Shoes” Petrea. Everyone competes to be the most clever commentor on her blog and she cruelly encourages it.a0 More on her later.a0 Earlier, P.A. found what she believed to be a fellow soul mate in Altadena Hiker.a0 A woman she recognized as a artist whacked with low self esteem, prone to bouts of competition and flights of artistic envy. PA will ultimately be disappointed when she discovers AH speaks French and is even more competitive then herself (the missing tiles, spilling the beans on Capote, an attraction to handcuffs).a0 Further research has led me to AH’s wanted poster over at the Highland Park Police Museum. She’s known as the “ledenhosen” or “leak N stalker” spelled backwards.Code for Ordo Templi Orientis. A German brotherhood of magicians and spies. AH is not Norwedish. Hafid

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